Conscious Journey

About Renata S. Pienkawa

I am an educator, professor, life coach, and public speaker.

In this world of turmoil and injustice yet also full of illusion and self-delusion, if you earnestly wish to know yourself and walk the path of truthfulness and tangible unchaining from the societal pressures, Renata might be the life coach for you.  A teacher, teacher trainer, and professor with decades of experience in the worlds of multicultural communication, education, and spirituality, Renata offers intuitive and deep listening as well as compassionate and bold  insights. If your depression, loneliness, shame, or fear are blocking your natural “flow” in life, Renata offers powerful tools to help. Together, let’s remove the obstacles from your life’s path towards more satisfaction, joy, and fulfillment. On the conscious journey herself, Renata is a fellow multicultural traveler and spiritual midwife who can help you birth your authentic self. Renata invites you to watch her show “Journey into Being” at Amherst Media. The show celebrates the art of simply living in the present moment through poetry, art, meditation, or being in nature. She also works with individuals (as well as groups) on clearing the course of their “conscious journeys.” If you would like to receive a free consultation, make an appointment, or be interviewed on her show, please message her at the phone number (+1) 413 297 7737 or email her